Our Story

the pitch

Rooftop Mind is an independent production company passionate about connecting people to the power of cinema. Our value lies in developing and discovering great projects, then matching them with the resources, artists, and professionals who can best bring them to life.

the partnerships

Apart from making our own films, we offer financing and a full slate of production services to yours. We’re also looking to expand our core team. Find out more about these opportunities here.

the players

Leor Baum is an L.A. rooted filmmaker who brews strong coffee and quality stories. Since 2004, he has produced and directed a series of narrative films and commercials that have been distributed worldwide. Leor also feeds his cinematic urges through a funnel of online commentaries he calls The LB Tip.
Michael Schindler is a writer and producer who finally gave into his love of film after multiple tours of duty in the world of corporate finance. In addition to writing screenplays and short fiction, Michael has produced a number of short films and a multi-million dollar feature shot in Europe. He doesn’t miss the cubicle.

the picture show

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